Sweet Red Wine 

Baby fly away with me, hold me tight as I spread my wings wide, waiting without resistance but anticipation for you to come along with me.  

As we soar above the snow-covered peaks and get soaked in the downpour of refreshing rain.  

Stay within me.  The hidden chamber reserved only for you.  The luscious mango-the forbidden fruit of our desires.  Wisdom is bestowed upon the Chosen Ones who seek our destiny and find their soulmate. 

We will dance between the beats of our hearts, as we penetrate the night, and devour in the delicious decadence of sweet culinary delights.  

Come hither, lets eat together.  As we drink it all down with cherry red wine-as intoxicating as your inner goddess on my parched lips. 

Quench my thirst as we share in the chalice of our sacred love.  

-Global Rainbow Citizen Media 2017 

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