Sacred Profanity 

The Sacred and the Profane.  There is beauty in everything.  You just need the eyes to see through your own pain in the rain.  At least that’s what the demon in the mirror mocked right back at me.  That shapeshifter angel with a tiara of thorns and a halo of horns. 

Like a rainbow in the dark, a spark to a flame; the heart bleeds with an intense passion knowing it’s own mortality hinged on the one who held the knife. 

That blade was glistening with a reflection of a love lost, now dripping with blood, that crimson red I once cherished as the sheets on that bed of thorns and roses. 

Sacred Profanity embraced by Love in Lust and the Shattered Affairs of a Jaded Heart. 

Mark Adam 2017 

The Sacredness in the Profane” 

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