The Trance – raw unedited book excerpt (Disclaimer: 18 or older only-due to strong sexual themes, religious undertones, and mature language) 

“Like what the…Oh my god this is totally fucking awesome baby.  How’d you even find this place?”

“Well let’s just say you don’t find these secret locations on Google maps.  I had a friend lead me here.  She has…how do you say it…a spirit guide and her inner goddess is tuned into the dark sexual forces of wandering disembodied souls,” Claire said as a matter of fact. 

The view of the entire valley was visible from the gothic style mansion which the area residents said was haunted and had claimed many many lives; mostly girls and boys, women and men, aged 25 and younger.  Locals and tourists alike said the paranormal energy was so prevalent in this place; every corridor, secret passage, chamber-the sounds of moaning, screaming, orgasmic noises resonating and vibrating off the walls.  Penetrating its inner core with hardcore pounding and banging as if the mansion was one monstrous non-stop sex rave and the vibes running fully charged on the maximum settings allowed. 

Claire needed to get away from the city with all its street noise, sirens blaring every half hour, and homeless bums sleeping and pissing on the bus benches.  She tried not to rely on the mass transit system but sometimes this was the fastest way to ensure she’d make the set on time.  

She was just so ecstatic that her new friend, Lupe was able to talk her producer ex-lover into giving her an audition and script read.  She of course went Commando, wearing the tightest shorts she could find, along with a very transparent tank top accentuating her main attributes.  Maybe she would be labeled a ‘slut’ by other would-be actresses but a desperate girl will take drastic measures to lock in a role.  

Claire’s addiction to Starbucks was bad enough; replacing her cannabis habit back in Raleigh.  She would smoke on occasion but had substituted the desire for a joint or bong hit for a Cafe Mocha with whip cream and dark chocolate drizzle on top.  It would always remind her of Atlanta and the Dance of Decadence she performed with Gabriella in the hottest LGBT club in town-Daisy Dukes; otherwise known as DDs.  The dress code was quite simple; tight ass hugging cut off jean shorts or any other tight fitting jeans which you wouldn’t mind getting altered.  See the secret code to get in for free was Culinary Climax-giving you VIP access to the featured dancer of the evening.  Usually you would have 15 minutes in a private red velvet room; just you and the featured dancer where you would have the option of choosing from the menu a short list of six choices:  golden shower, tribbing, 69, ass licking, hot oil body to body massage, or double-dildo fucking.  There would always be cameras stationed around the room for security, but mainly to give the bouncers watching something to ‘beat off to.’ One of the perks of the job.  And of course no men whatsoever we’re ever allowed inside the red velvet inner Sanctum of the Forbidden Fruit as it was nicknamed.  The time limit was mainly formality and usually extended well into an hour upon payment of generous tips.  It also wasn’t relegated to just two girls as the room capacity could clearly hold a baker’s dozen.  

If there were private reservations made; catering of food by petite Asian girls wearing nothing but French maid outfits and red high heels between the ages of 18-21 would serve platters of exotic fruits, desserts, and hors d’oeuvres.  They would be allowed to participate but only for a prearranged fixed rate of $1000 for each half hour session. 

The services provided always received 5 fully erect dildos on the Eroticlub Ratings site.  

Ok Toni and her worked together at the coffee shop on Peace Street; hell they even tribbed in the back after hours on top the ground beans-nothing like the smell of fresh roast while your thighs got a brewing extra strength.  Add to that an exotic blend of mocha and vanilla bean with whip cream and chocolate drizzle and you’ve got yourself a mouthful of the best orgasmic frap this side of mermaid goddess coffee lust latte heaven. 

They both shared a loft not far from NC State University and their old high school in what looked like an Ivy League College Mansion.  Broughton High had some perks including an old secret passage way underneath the library.  It was an old tornado shelter and now was a storage area for a surplus of textbooks now converted to their e-Book format.  It was the perfect rendezvous locale for a quickie between classes or a ‘fuck break’ as Toni called it.  She fucking gave up smoking cigarettes so she needed another vice to stick between her pouty ass plush lips.  One addiction fuels another and god knows Claire was one bad ‘hard habit to break’ and this wasn’t just ‘about last night.’  

Raleigh may not have been the Windy City but Toni loved the tight hourglass heart-shaped figure and ass of her ‘sex muse,’ even if she was no young Demi Moore.  She was just happy that there was no Rob Lowe parading around in his birthday suit and strutting his cock.  Us pink vaginas gotta stick together and daisy chain link fences with fist clasped in this Million Pussy Sharing Women March across a Braless and Labia Liberating America.  Fuck Trump.  We can grab our own pussies and titties.  

Holding the position of student body President and head yearbook photographer had its privilege as she could skip or be late to her classes and get access to certain unauthorized areas for ‘press related and yearbook specific’ reasons.  

Plus her one math teacher had a special thing for her so she did what any curious student would do and ‘got under him.’ She also performed oral sex with him in the secured lab.  The text messages and exchange of suggestive photos along with peer rumors probably caused him to resign his position.  

She would never do anything to jeopardize his marriage or his two teenage girls who were only a couple years behind her.  She loved him even if he wasn’t going to leave his wife.  He was now working at a private men’s academy in Durham County.  Many nights she would travel there just to see him but they were very discreet and usually they would just meet in a remote hotel on the outskirts of town for sex. 

Claire what ya thinking bitch?” Lupe would inquire.  “You better not be imaging I’m that lover of yours back in Raleigh.  I’ll make you forget all about her with my thighs pressed against your pretty angel face.” 

Now they were away together exploring not just their own bodies but their reason for loving each other.  Politically and religiously they both were an eclectic odd couple of sorts.  Claire was a moderate Republican and Lupe was a hardcore feminist Hillary supporter in the last election.  She was also very Catholic while Claire was into Wiccan, Tarot Cards, Runes, and Eastern Mysticism.  Claire also had an interest in contacting the dead and sought to commune with her mother who had passed on Valentine’s Day a few years prior.  

The young couple with a heart for one another but bodies weary from the abuse of past lovers, the torment from the vampires within, the dark shadows from the underworld of confusion and hate. Handcuffed at the wrists, shackled at the ankles, whipped and flogged.  

Claire had very vivid lucid dreams. Some recurring and involving powerful symbolism; making her question whether she was being beckoned and taunted by actual demons or just ghosts from her subconscious past.  She may have wicked fantasies of ghostly intimate encounters and did frequent cemeteries in the middle of the night just to masturbate on top of random tombstones.  The best hour to climax would be 3 am and Toni would wear nothing but a long silky black hooded robe during their rituals and she would present herself to Toni; completely naked except for the Amulet which held ‘secret’ Universal attraction properties.  They both would walk barefoot across the grassy grounds as to stay directly connected to Mother Earth. 

In her cannabis-induced state; a tiara of thorns would be placed on her head, blood dripping over her flawless face, cascading down her perfect bare breasts-arms spread wide, hanging by the tree of a forsaken life.  
Nails pierced into beautifully manicured hands and pedicured feet. Her hourglass figure exposed to the ridicule and shame of a million men cursing her virginity and innocence to the fleshly desires of this world. Her inner goddess overflowing with milk and honey. Her cherry blossomed body covered by the sins of sweat, spit, and semen-the Humanity she came to save. She, the goddess of love; that sacrificial lamb, nailed quite literally to a splintered cross. She came into a world ruled by the Lust of the Game, that passion within Man-beginning with Adam and Eve fornicating in the Garden of the Forbidden Fruit of Sexual Wisdom and Desires of the Dark. 

The freedom to bare one’s virgin soul and body, the ripe cherry-red, and wine-filled Vagina overflowing as a cascading waterfall from the cavern between the Valley of the Passion Fruit. The sweet tasting mango which provides immortality to those willing to take the dive into her hidden secret lagoon. 

Stripped of all earthly desires; bare skinned, shaven, and unashamed-bound and gagged as the Submissive Servant for a world in fornicating need. She is willing to expose her bare naked work of divine art to those whom know the secret to unlocking the door to an orgasmic bliss greater than the pleasures any sinful creature as Man will find in the Land of Wicked Divination-otherwise known as the VIP Lounge of the 69 Club; someplace between Heaven and Hell. Some may call this purgatory but it’s more like traveling down Route 66 and picking up a lone hitchhiker wearing only skimpy ass Daisy Dukes, high heels, and her braless breasts eclipsing from the bottom of her short see-through white tank top. Her skin the color of gourmet coffee and the richness of Swiss chocolate. Her aroma like the orchid of Island Cove. The smell of the tranquil sea and a taste of sweet cream unlike anything in earthly paradise. She was the perfection of Lust, Pleasure, and intense passion all in one. 

As close to the perfect angelic fuck a guy like me will ever experience this side of heaven or beyond; and especially in the middle of Sedona, New Mexico. They say this place is magical and once you taste her honey goddess you will be addicted for all eternity; even giving up your soul just to be immortal in her bed of passion lies to feel the smoothest of any celestial body-feeling her inside as if you were fucking in zero gravity. 
Claire cries out in her dream as she is a passive participant in an orgy, her body spread across a granite slab, a makeshift alter-she is to be used as the sex goddess for this full moon ritual to appease the demons of lust. Her body already shaven from her head to her legs, glistening from the olive oil used to cover her bare skin.  
She is surrounded by worshippers in black robes-fully covered from head to their bare feet. Chanting as though they were all monks in some Black Mass-an unrecognizable language, perhaps Latin spoken backwards.   
Behind her the chosen young virgin is sacrificed-tied to the tree of sexual lust and perversion fulfilled. She is fully exposed except for a very golden necklace with an amulet between her undeveloped size 32 A breasts, her nipples pink and pointed, clit is shaved but swollen from the tongues of countless women whom have come from every nation-young and mature, to perform cunnilingus on the sacrificial virgin and to hope for a gush of her cleansing waters all over their lips, mouths, and down their throats. Her juices taste divinely sweet and her scent of mango believed to contain immortal properties, highly valued for its healing properties. 
Desiree was once only a school girl in an exotic land, now she is the virgin goddess sacrifice-the first time she is naked in front of anyone, the glow of the moonlight teasing her young peach colored skin as beads of sweat form on every inch of her petite body.

They say I’m too young to understand. They keep telling me to abandon my dream. As though I’m caught up in a fantasy-lusting after the desires of my heart. Seeking out that voice in the dark, the wind howling out as a wolf on the prowl.  
Be still and know that I am Love and she will find you just where you are. I can’t tell you when my personal mission will end. But I know where I began from within.

I just hope this decadent dream don’t pass me on by as two ships in the night across this vast ocean of life. Just hope my Angel of Light spreads her wings to rescue me-to open my eyes before it’s too late. Didn’t know how lost I was till I found you. This journey which lead me to finding you. 

Wake me up now in your angelic embrace. Hold me and never let go. Do with me as you will till my Honeywell gushes with the cleansing sweet taste of desire.  

Quench my thirst with your intoxicating honey flowing freely from your inner goddess.  The milky white cream of creation covers your body from head to toe.  Ravage me, sink your teeth into my flesh, taste the blood of the virgin sacrifice, and make me one with the Forces of Lust; that sweet aroma and smell of fresh ripe mango, overflowing juices, decadent delight. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017 
“Ignite your Passion”

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