Buck-Naked Faith 

There is just as much power in the inaction as there is in action; just as much energy is spent in thinking about something as in doing it.  

As much energy in dreaming the dream than in living the mission; and as much in forsaking love lost than in partaking of love found.  

The love you are searching for within; that destiny which the Law of Attraction will fight the Universe for you, to find your ‘soulmate.’ 

The ‘Art of Love’ is a blank canvas, but without our hand on the brush the Universe can’t complete that masterpiece within.  

The gallery of our heart is waiting for our next exhibition. 

Bowing down in total surrender to a God greater than ourselves or the shifting sands of time.  Stripping ourselves of all earthly garments to become more transparent-thus we reveal our naked faith.  It’s all or nothing.  All in to love and vulnerable to the sea which welcomes us back home. 

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

“Don’t bow down to the haters.  Kiss the feet of the lovers.  Pay honor and respect to those who tolerate greater than the hate trying to influence or lead us astray.

One world, one community, one United States of the New Global Society.  Time to make the World Great through the State of the Heart Once Again.  Make an Executive Order to Love, not to Hate our fellow global citizens.”

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