Mental Traffic Hopscotch 

OMG, not another traffic jam.  Like what the hell!! Like why don’t people hate LA more than they Love it.  I mean Randy Newman played that song back in the 80s.  Did I just disclose my age or what!!! I try to remain pop culturally-relevant so I added Selena (I need a new boy toy) Gomez, that Adriana Grande Latte donut-licking chick, and Justin (the Stud) Bieber.  

Ever feel this way?  I do every time I drive down here.  It’s all about the hustle so you might as well put on your gear and step into the game.  

The struggle is indeed a bitch but so are getting tickets to the Super Bowl.  But do you really wanna miss out on Lady Gaga’s winning performance if you don’t do whatever it takes just to be a part of that important day in American history; next to of course the Donald’s State of the Union speech-which I’m sure will have lots of cheering and jeering fans and foes alike just like the rivalry which is sure to happen between the Patriots and the Falcons.

Just navigate with due diligence and follow your GPS to your chosen destination, even if it takes you on a detour or longer than planned.

Expect the unexpected to bring new opportunities along your highway to success. 

©Mark Adam Publishing 2017

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