Take Some Time To Unwind 

If you want to find a simple way to escape life and the chaos which is so prevalent, even this very moment; all you must do is this. 

Turn off the Tele.  Find your safe place, a study, or your best outdoor secret spot. 

Meditate, do yoga, pray, chant-get your innermost self centered and in a State of Peace.  

You may read a good book; along if with a friend.  Then write out in an expressatory fashion your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the day or present.  

The whole reason I started this journal was due to the ‘inspired thought’ after a time of meditation and journaling.  I needed to de-stress and get out of my inner distress.  

I have not even had the urge to drink in quite a while so next to Starbucks my addiction is constant learning through education, reading, and writing every single day.  

I do work a day job and stay busy.  But what used to be my ‘downtimes’ and passive vegging in front of the television has been replaced with ‘uptimes’ and active engagement with diving in deeply with a character in a book I am reading or my ongoing writing of a prospective novel. 

True you should have fun and chill with the villains and vampires in your life but stay true to your dreams.  Don’t allow your job, circumstances, haters, and dream-thieves steal away your goals, ambition, and motivation to succeed. 

Surround yourself in the ‘Company of Kick-Ass Doers’ and distance yourself from the ‘Slackers and Woe is Me Complacent Benchwarmers.’ 

Time to light it up and set fire to that passion deep within.  

The struggle is real but the intensity of the flame will spread like a wildfire in the company of kindred spirits whom are seeking to dream higher. 

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

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