You Are Newsworthy – create your own headline

The powerful thing about our minds which separate us from the other life forms is our ability to rationalize thought and to realign our choices.  

You can decide to either be conditioned to the ways and ‘news’ of the world or create the change you wish to see from within your own sphere of influence. 

The transformation starts from within.  The Trumps, Clintons, Obamas will always be in the news; lighting it up like the 4th of July.  

Time to stop talking about crap we cannot change and do something about the things within our control. 

Hell will neither freeze over and heaven won’t come crashing down.  

The ‘Trumpocalypse’will not keep us from being greater than ourselves or from dreaming bigger.

Make your headline today. 

©Mark Adam Publishing 2017 

“Be the Change”

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