As we go into this holiday season lets take a moment to reflect upon the humanity around us whom are struggling, hurting, grieving, or lonely.  

The Act of Giving is more than Christmas lights, the ‘Bling Bling’ of diamond rings, fancy gifts, Christmas parties, and celebratory cheer.  It’s about remembering the heart and soul of those nearest and dearest to us; relatives or siblings, friends (far and near), partners, spouses, or even strangers we encounter on the street.  

Be kind, humble, patient, and respectful during our busyness.  

Give birth to a new Revival within you as we reflect upon the true Reason for the Season.

From the humble beginning where a young refugee couple, Mary and Joseph followed the heart of God and a shooting star-leading to the Sacred Birth of a Savior in a crude makeshift stable and lonely cold manger. 

The miracle of that ‘magical and life-transforming birth’ lives within each one of us.  All we must do is open our heart, believe, and receive what is destined for us to achieve through that powerful beautifully wrapped ‘Gift of Salvation.’

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