Life is like a beautifully wrapped Christmas present under a well-lit colorful tree.  We may not know what is in the box until we open it; we can see it, shake it, and smell it but until we unwrap the package we will not truly appreciate the ‘surprise’ inside. 

So it is with each one of us.  We all are like that wrapped up box; until someone special comes along and they anxiously and excitedly tear off the paper and reveal the ‘precious priceless gift’ inside us.  Our bodies, minds, and well-being are worth more than the finest gold necklace or a Tiffany diamond ring any one person may give to us. 

The heart matters most in this season of giving and receiving so surprise that special someone with the best present they may ever receive-the ‘Gift of the Real You,’ flaws, blemishes, imperfections, and all.  That one of a kind present which is truly priceless since it was created by the ultimate sacrifice, the Lord Jesus Christ.

©GRC Media/Mark Adam Publishing 2016

“Be the Change.  It all starts within.”

#Heartmatters #Christmas #Lovematters 

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