WORDS COUNT-Part 2 in the Series on LDRs. 

Danger has anger within its constructure.  We must mitigate it by correcting the foundational problems in our own life.  We must manage, then realign the aspects of ourselves which tend to give way under pressure and implode on top of our relationship under extreme duress. 

The unseen; verbal or non-verbal fractures may take only months or many years before the spark ignites the fuse leading to the explosion.  Sending shrap metal not just into our loved ones or our own heart, but to those within our sphere of influence.  

The symbol of love is a dove, let’s be that olive branch of reconciliation in the rubble of discontent and neglect. 

There is no better time than this moment to stage a comeback and rebuild what once was lost but is now found.  

-GRC Media/Mark Adam Publishing 2016

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