LOVE/LAUGH/LIVE OUT LOUD-Part 3 of the series on LDRs. 

“Life is way too short within the dash.  The could haves, should haves, and have nots can all go to hell where they belong.  

Why be cursed by the haunting ghosts of our past, the wandering taunting shadows lurking behind our closet and bedroom door.  

Time to cast light on the dark.  Fear, doubt, regret, rejection, disappointment, anger, depression-all seek to hold us down like the night.  

Our welcome mat should say, Love out loud, laugh out loud, dance out loud, sing out loud, hope out loud, dream out loud, inspire out loud, visualize out loud, expect out loud, and most of all, shine out loud.  

A blessed life is unstoppable as Heaven on Earth begins with the Angel behind the smile, the voice, the embrace, and the love which only you can offer.  

The Light radiates warmth from within, hence it must be shared with the ones we hold dear to our hearts and to a humanity haunted by hopelessness, dark despair, and the cold of isolation. 

Be the Lighthouse, Be the Beacon of Hope.”

©GRC Media/Mark Adam Publishing 2016 

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