CODE 2 LOVE-Part 1 of a new series on LDRs. 

Ugh!  Where’s my brush? 

How many of us have ever had a bad hair day, you just wanted to pull out every last strand until it bled.  

That’s how we deal with our own selfish desires.  What can I get out of this person.  How can I make her/him bleed to get what I so rightly deserve?  How can I control or manipulate their weaknesses to gain from this one-sided partnership.  

Be it our current, full or part-time lover, life partner, fiancée, or spouse we all have our own self-interest we bring to the table or the bed; however compromise and mutual recognition of one another are the codes 2 love. 

Is it a special perks relationship where everything is on the table, open for negotiation as if we are implementing some sort of ‘Art of the Deal’ for lovers.  Romance or sex are used as bargaining chips to get our way.  This sort of ‘Bed Communication’ will break down into an escalated ‘War of the Roses.’ 

Talking out any unresolved issues over the dinner table should take precedence over a ‘Cold War’ in the icy bedroom chambers of our hearts.  

As with any relationship; especially Long Distance Relations (LDRs) we must do more within our own control to listen with intent to our partner.  To place him/her concern’s first, before our own.  We must ‘die to self’ before we can with a full heart love the one we are with.  

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