If some of you haven’t seen Jonathan Pie’s video commentary on the election results you can check it out on YouTube.  He speaks in only a way the Left should understand. 

I will expand upon his profane, unfiltered rant by first off agreeing with his premise that the Left has caused this scenario to happen.  Donald Trump with his high IQ just evaluated the changing political landscape and figured WHAT THE HELL this election can very well be the greatest reality show he ever produced and boost his ratings through that proverbial glass ceiling.  Trump became a greater household name than the Kardashians and that Caitlyn Jenner dude. Can’t bash him, I mean her, too much since didn’t he/she come out in support of the Donald?

So I’m watching the news clips and the mental health patients aka the media puppets having a f**cking meltdown due to their prescription of Xanax running out.  Even Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly had her ‘O’ face on- her only explanation was classy and sassy as she said this upset was a huge FU from the American voters to the Establishment doucebags in Washington DC.  Well duh…of course it was.  Now take a Xanax. I’m sure you will have plenty to talk about on the Howard Stern show. 
The same way these protests, looting, rioting, anti-cop incidents are going to do-just push us so we, on the Right will fight back harder. You called us supporters of Trump racists, bigots, uneducated rednecks etc. etc. 

What the bloody hell do you think will happen if you Libs shout us down by insulting our intelligence (by the way I have a Masters degree in Public Policy-so I guess I am part of the 1% f**king problem). You silence debate in the media by screaming insults while you played the race card and applauded the desecration/burning of American flags and effigies of Trump calling it freedom of expression in the public square. 

If this is what our country has resorted to; name calling, labeling, looting, rioting, killing of the opposition, whether physically, professionally, or through logical reasoned debate-we are screwed and we allow for the outcome we so unpleasantly deserve. 

The country is evenly split people, time to wake the f**k up and get off the streets, and go back to school, get educated so you can do something about this in the legal election process next time. Start educating yourselves on the issues not on emotions or cupcake pop therapy; pouty because you totally got fired as a jackass party.  I can hear it in the streets now-to the chorus of “we will all get deported, he’ll take away our right to get high, to a free education, our right to fuck anyone or any goat we want…” blah blah blah.

Give me a flippin break, it’s gonna be okay, just smoke your legalized pot and see your therapist in the morning, and yes go drown your sorrows with a face plant in some ‘rainbow sprinkled butter-scream’ frosted cupcakes because you’ve got the munchies. 
Maybe if you just made love and not war that will lead to peace or maybe that just applied to all the Bernie crowds whom by the way got thrown under the bus, train, subway on their way to the DNC pep rally.  The only part of the convention missing was some sexy ass cheerleaders which I believe would have galvanized the comatosed, sexually-repressed  Hillary crowd.  Cause we all know our society is too stoned out of our f**king minds to concern ourselves about sex or what men really talk about in a locker room or what Hillary really did with Yoko Ono in the 70s. 

Now if you got offended by this I’ll say Trump You and go get your bong hit on courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue and soon to be all Green.  

Now instead of setting fires to your communities or your local liquor store use your Bic to light up a blunt and get your munchies on. Peace Out.  

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