Dare to be yourself.  If that means you act the fool at times so be it.  If you say things you later regret-those WTF moments-then learn from it and move on.  If it was directed at someone close to you; apologize then move on to reconciliation with that person.  

We are all imperfect human vessels, energy sources of mixed emotional, intellectual, rational or maybe irrational beliefs, and spiritual mindsets.  Our physical or conscious self might be in conflict with our inner-self or subconscious as we try to overcome and grasp the baggage or hurts which may have come from our childhood years.  

As adults we will make mistakes in this imperfect body of ours but our conscious, rational, logical, moral self can make amends as we strive to do what is ‘right’ and let ‘love divine’ guide us to forgive unto others and in turn accept that gift of understanding and gratitude for being human.  If they were your Universal BFF or Soul Mate then Love will always find a way to trump this momentary detour on the yellow brick road to you and your partner’s Land of the Rainbow.  It’s time for you and him or her to claim that pot of gold. 

We embrace the impossible, the unseen, unplanned, and the unexpected-in turn receiving with an open heart the possible, the manifested, the intention, and the expected; even if we never dreamed the best in ourselves. 

Love will find a way to plant that seed and make it grow.  You just have to believe. Be that oak tree in someone’s life today.  

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