With all the noise and crap around us, it’s so easy to lose focus on what is right and what is in our control.  We must own our career position, our educational achievements, our family life, our personal and professional relationships, and our spiritual walk down that path least traveled.  
On the shoreline of our life, the tide may flood or ebb at our feet causing us to move forward or retreat back from the crashing waves.  
We can harness this Universal God-given energy source and embrace the force of nature as it floods our life. We can determine our response to the changing environment around us and adapt a new way of thinking, a new way to navigate the changing waters.  
If we focus on the visible circumstances and not on the hidden opportunities, we may get washed out to sea rather than surfing the tidal wave of change.  

No matter the tsunami upon us only you can decide the course of correction that is best for you in order to reach your intended destination and live a life on purpose, for a purpose, and with planned precision.  
The “Power of One, the Power 2 Change, the Power 2 Project Greatness Once Again.” 

-GRC Media 2016 

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