The Lagoon

Angelica is visibly disheveled as if waking up from a high stakes chess game of passion.  Her clothes clinging tightly to her sweaty skin, her long black hair, normally straight now bunched up over her upper body as she abruptly awakens from her deep sleep, calling out Christian’s name in an almost audible yet faint whisper as she opens her eyes.  She gently brushes some rogue strands of hair away from her face and parts her hair from her breasts.  A lone beam of light dashes across the bed from the slightly open window overlooking her parent’s mango plantation and the tall giant trees she would climb in her youth to fetch coconuts for all her friends; Bernadette, Gigi, and Claire; an American exchange student from Seattle whom she befriended at the University of Cebu.  She recollected how ‘The S’mores Club’, as they would call their secret meetups, loved to hang out at the beach, sit around the campfire swapping stories of past boyfriends, girlfriends, and other romantic trysts.

Nothing was secret between the four of them and definitely every topic, especially the dance between the sheets was all fair game.  Claire turned her friends onto S’mores and Angelica playfully would lick at the oozing creamy center of the freshly roasted marshmellow as the melted Hersheys dripped around her beautifully manicured fingertips.  In a seductive trance Angelica would lick off every last drop of chocolate from her hand while sticking three fingers deeply into her mouth, sucking them clean.  Claire’s non-blinking gaze met Angelica’s eyes, and as if reading her subconscious cue reached over with her right hand to trace the outline of Angelica’s ruby lips, brushing off any remaining chocolate residue and bringing her fingers back to her own mouth to taste.  For now Claire would admire her beauty as an appraiser of art; admiring and taking in every detail and  accentuating feature, like her thick high eyebrows and piercing black eyes which seemed to glisten in the glow of the campfire.  She was to her a jungle cat, a tigress with the claws to match, ready to pounce on top of her in their secret chamber.  The dense dark forest was her initiation into the coven of the forbidden fruit, two lost souls driven by lustful pursuit of their heart’s deepest desire.

Claire desired nothing more than to be ravished fiercely by Angelica, to have her sarong ripped to shreds, to feel that wet mouth biting down on her and savoring her willing sweaty flesh.  Back to reality she will have to satisfy her forbidden lingering desire in her secret journal for now which she kept beside her as a lover in bed every twilight.  Claire’s focus comes back to earth as Angelica shouts out, “last one in the lagoon must climb the tallest tree next time for the lion share of the sweetest damn coconuts this side of Visayas.”  Skinny dipping has always been a ritualistic right of passage for their secret all girls club and they deeply enjoyed the carefree atmosphere this hidden cove provided.  The other girls shed their thinly wrapped sarongs running towards the moonlit glow of the crystal clear water of the prestine lagoon.  Claire would be the last one to follow as she stripped out of her lavender sarong and as a ballerina, she gracefully danced towards the waterline, her milky white skin glowing brightly on her five foot frame as she dived into the warm inviting waters to join her girlfriends.  The lagoon was mysterious and magical at night.  The full moon reflecting upon the clear blue waters seemed to smile back at them.  They owned this moment as the night owned them, confiding in one another during their most vulnerable and translucent state.  Crystal clear as the open waters their bodies were from the inside out naked and free.  There was nothing more exhilarating than the tropic breeze across the warm soothing water; nature’s stimulating cocktail for the mind and body.  After a short swim across the lagoon they arrive to the cave on the other side.  Claire is more eager than the others to explore the inside of the water cave…

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