Chapter 6 Untitled

Angelica awoke to the sound of a bird chirping on her back window.  She had it slightly ajar since the humidity was intense and the air thick.  Her son Jacob still sleeping like an infant next to her as the sun peeked through the glass, shining a beam of light into her unkempt bedroom.  Her thick long black hair was always perfectly disheveled in the early morning as she gently pulled the sheets away from her body as not to disturb her sleeping prince.  She slowly walked outside, filling up a bucket of hot water to take a bath in.  The outside air was breezy and sent a chill across her bare skin as she lathered up the soap and proceeded to wash the heavy sweat off her body, starting from her head, on down to her chest and then her thighs.  She imagined Christian’s gentle hands caressing her upper body and embracing her as he pressed tightly against her back reaching around her stomach and slowly pressing himself deeper into her.  As the sun awakened the earth once again so too would be a new dawn in her life.  Her rainbow sarong swaying briskly as a gush of wind blew from the east…

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