Full Moon Cove

Full Moon Cove was the secret rendezvous for lost souls and wanderlust lovers wanting to escape from reality and the hustle and bustle of the big city lights. The crystal-clear blue lagoon was the perfect backdrop for this stage play between four young girls searching for dialogue and direction.  They just happened to discover what some locals have said was a haunted, cursed water cave.  Legend had been told two weary lovers ran away from their homes in the middle of the night.  The one girl’s parents had caught her in the bed of her close childhood friend and had drove them out of the house with little more than the clothes they slept in and their backpacks of personal belongings.  They stole their parent’s Catamaran and headed for the open waters, ending up in the blue lagoon after a few hard days at sea.  The storm was fast approaching and the tsunami was to be the strongest and fiercest in over a century.  The torrential rainfall pounced on them as the currents moved their boat to the secluded lagoon.  They reached the shoreline, collapsing on the warm inviting sand.  The approaching thunder would stir them awake and to seek shelter in an isolated cave on the other side of the lagoon.  The entrance of the cave is still guarded by a skull which can be lit from the top with oil; burning for hours making it appear as if the eyes are piercing right through you and the skull aflame.  Anyone who trespasses across the entrance to the cave is in grave danger since the skull is the gatekeeper of the lagoon and secret cave and therefore is placed under a curse straight from the bowels of hell itself.

Claire was already in a hypnotic trance the moment she came out of the water, arms extended out to leverage herself upon the rocky ledge as she hoisted her 5 foot frame up into the cavern.  She was hungry and thirsty, but not for food nor water.  She wanted to explore more than just the inside of this warm, damp water cave, she wanted to explore Angelica’s warm, dark, and moist cove and dive in head first into her secret lagoon. Claire’s eyes were on fire and full of intense passion every time she looked at her Cebuano friend Angelica.  She referred to her affectionately as her dream angel with a broken wing.  Claire in all her pure intentions longed to fix her ‘wing’ and embrace that inner goddess deep inside her who desired both the need for physical touch and a torrential release; an escape from the ghosts of relationship past and the disembodied souls of rejection and abuse.  Her gaze met Angel’s dead-on and even in the low light of their dark passage, her friend’s pupils seemed to burn bright with passion and flicker with the flame of animalistic lust.  Claire wanted so badly to explore Angel’s own dark passage and to map the contours of her tanned body with her tongue and fingers in a ballerina dance to their own personal Moonlight Sonata.

Berna and Gigi were both towards the far end of the dark cave, just their silhouettes reflecting an embrace of two abstract bodies with long flowing hair in the glow of the moonlight; their shadows mixing as one and dancing hypnotically on the interior wall. Gigi grinding into Berna as she moved her hips in unison to their favorite song as they both savored the tangy juices gushing from deep within, high from the intoxicating aroma of their own freshly prepared tarts.

Claire loved the culinary courses at Roosevelt High school as a mature rising freshman student and found the kitchen as home away from home. She loved to put on an apron and bake cream cheese frosting covered cakes, red velvet muffins, and Flan de Mango.

She had an IQ higher than her peers; a 150, causing tension among some of her AP classmates. She favored working one on one with a select group of girls whom she trusted as her own sisters of sorts.  They would playfully toy at the idea of joining the same sorority and see who would sex the most girls their first term of university.  Human Sexuality was a popular course at the university and they all signed a secret pact sealed by daisy train nectar kisses to stay exclusive to the group and their mission statement.  No other girl could join without first going through a rigid series of initiation rituals and hazing in their self-contained sexual rites of passage.  Her petite frame and her Audrey Hepburn good looks placed her on the top tier of the graduating class and a dream prom date with all the jocks and geeks alike.  Her taste in men was not the same as her inclination towards the same sex; only dating the local Congressman’s son to get her parents off her back and to win a prized internship which could lead to DC and beyond.  She decided to take a year aboard and study in Cebu City, partly out of curiosity and gut intuition; that drive within her to explore exotic locales and to taste exotic fruits and culinary flair.  She was hungry for more than food and her inner passion was the driving force behind her independent spirit for adventure.

Now in the throw of uncontrollable desire Claire wanted nothing more than to don her tight French maid outfit and knead Angel’s perfectly round breasts and slender posterior like dough and prepare her specialty Mango Cream Pie.

In the distance across the lagoon the luminous clouds began to roll in from the North, the full moon casting an eerie glow upon the landscape and the reflection off the blanket of clouds appearing as an alien craft. The thunder exploded loudly in the distance even outshouting the moans of ecstasy from Gigi and Berna whom were now at their apex of their sex.  A bolt of lightning illuminated the front of the cave as it danced and skipped along the edge of the lagoon, electrifying everything in its path, causing an intense surge racing towards the cave…

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