Chapter five-The Rainbow Sarong

Angelina was overcome with raw, uncontrollable emotion. Her sweet and sour tears flowed like a torrent from her black gem-stone eyes; a portal into her soul.  It was empty now and filled with grief from not being with the one she loved.  The invisible thread connecting her heart to his was stretched to the breaking point; across miles of raging sea to the Land of Liberty.

Every moonlit evening she would head down to the shoreline in her rainbow floral sarong and a pair of flip-flops that he loved to see her in and nothing else. Her long flowing black hair would accentuate her petite 5 foot frame stretching to her lower posterior.  Christian loved the feel of her colorful, pedicured toes against his abs and hairy chest.

He had an appreciation for the human body as an artform and honed in on his craft during undergraduate studies at California State University, Chico.  He had an old Pentax camera from the 1970s, equipment inherited from his cousin Jay who also found his passion out of the Vietnam War for photography.  Jay had seen enough pain and suffering on the frontlines during the war that he chose to capture love in humanity; naked and exposed in our natural environment at his end of the rainbow; the City by the Bay.  He chose to showcase his works in the ‘Gay Mecca’ of San Francisco in the 1970s with his life partner whom he met while stationed in the Pacific Rim.  His black and white photographs captured the realism and humanism in the LGBT culture of the eclectic art scene. 

Angelica embraced the night, falling to her knees in an act of submission, in a meditative stance onto the warm wet sand.  This was her sacred ground, her secret place where she could release both her physical body and her inner-most self to the Universal elements, as she transcended into sensual bliss; a trance which took her out of her current state of affairs and into a lightness of being, bareback with the wild stallion of her dreams.  Christian was as wild as she, as untamed as her both in and out of the saddle.  

She loved the way her perfect size six feet dug into the fine grains of sand; the mix of warm salt water covering her aching feet and ankles as a masseuse with skillful hands knowing the pressure points. Throwing off her rainbow sarong and dropping her sweat, glistening body to the inviting sand below.  She loved to posture herself towards the open waters, her legs spread wide and arms laid back as the warm breeze teased her wet skin, gently caressed her face and kissed her full moist lips.  The full moon frolicked playfully about her baby smooth olive skin, creating an angelic aura.  The stars seemed to dance with her with each heart beat.  Angelica felt free and uninhibited at the beach, dancing and skipping along the shoreline as an angel with wings about to take flight into the crisp, clear night.

She would serenade the night with a song of love, hope, and expectation. “I love you, I don’t know what else to say, I love you more each day.  I need you, I want to feel your embrace, and have another chance just to touch your face.”

©2016 M J Jerome and Ai

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