My California Love

Enigma is I, the mystery of our love overtakes me like the San Francisco fog,

My California Love, where art thou now, as I drop to my knees and kiss our sacred ground,

It seems just yesterday we embraced the night, the city by the bay in the moonlight,

How long must my soul yearn for that warm embrace once again,

The soothing warmth the sun brings after the storm clouds pass,

The comfort which a fireplace brings when you come in from the cold, damp night,

Watching your silhouette serenade me as you slowly slip off your sarong,

Dancing to the rhythm of the moonlight shining through the bay window,

Across a lavender scented chamber, rose petals spread across red silken sheets,

Savoring every moment as you shower me in a spring of fine wine,

Your smooth olive skin pleasing to my palate,

In the glow of the candlelight our passion rules the game,

Embrace the moonlight with me tonight,

Capture it with both hands as we seal it with a kiss.

©2016 M J Jerome

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