LDR-The Distance between Two Hearts

new pics from iPhone5 December 19 015Complacency is not a Virtue

Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) is a courageous commitment between two people.  Complacency it is not since physical distance demands greater responsibility and accountability in a mutual win-win relationship.  The physical distance in this case may be a massive ocean dividing us or it may be a mountain for us to scale.  The temporary separation causes us to think outside of our physical complacency and look inside at our emotional partnership with our future mate and spouse.

I happened to take a small coffee and meal break at a local Southern establishment and noticed a man sitting around a few books.  His wife was ordering the food and commented on my selection of the comfort food I was having on a below freezing afternoon.  I engaged in small talk with the couple and find out she is a teacher and they are having their usual Valentine’s Day reading date.  After 40 plus years of marriage its a simple afternoon of reading they engage in with a variety of interesting novels.

Our own life story should exemplify the simple yet foundational aspects of a relationship; balanced by the intellect, emotional, and physical presence of one another fully engaged in the moment and disengaged from the technological and pressing demands of a fast-paced life style.

An LDR should be a mirror reflection of our inner-most beings; our inner-most passions projected out for others to see.  These may include our children, our siblings, and our loved ones; both in this life and in the life beyond.  Their legacy will be mirrored off of us and will affect not only their own sphere of influence but their eternal legacy of love; both in the present and the afterlife.

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