Together as One


I need you here beside me as we walk down that road of life together.

 Together as one, Together as one,

I embrace you, I feel you,

together as one, together as one,

You define me, You desire me,


I need to make it through another day. I need you to show me the way.

My heart is pounding fast, my body is near collapse,

Without you I am lost, Without you I am ashamed,


Together as one, Together as one,

Show me the way, you have the key,

unlock the secrets of my heart,

Shrouded in your light, the moon is shining bright, cool mist in the  afterglow,

Wrapped in a cloak of rainbow hues, I am now complete,

 You define me.  You desire me just as I am, just as I am.

I adore you, I desire nothing more, relaxed in your presence,

I thirst still more, shower me in a mist of your goodness,

revitalize my soul, refresh my mind for yet another day.

new pics from iPhone5 December 19 015

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