A Mother’s Legacy

Death is a word with so much emotion, anger, rage, regret, and loneliness.  My mother, Joan passed on to the next life February 7, 1998 at 1:24 in the morning.  We laid her precious body to rest on Valentine’s Day in Hammond, Indiana.  Her home state was Indiana and she attended university in Terre Haute to become a grade school teacher.  She would start her teaching career in East Chicago, the same community where her late father, J. K. Reppa would have started his political journey in his run for City Controller.  Her mother would carry on her husband’s legacy after his suspicious death under a doctor’s care during his campaign run against crony capitalism, Establishment political officials, and mafia money.  He would oppose ‘Houses of Ill-Repute;’ gambling and strip joints.

Her family foundation was set in stone by her father and mother and so it was with her own family.  In her tribute I will post a poem which she so elegantly wrote a few years before her death.  Sorry mom it took so long for me to bounce back after I had fallen.  Thank you in advance for giving me the courage to stand back on my two feet and to embrace life once again.

new pics from iPhone feb. 12 2016 343

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