If I only knew

If I only knew how short our time was together I would have…


said I love you more often,

given more hugs,

blown more kisses your way,

said only pleasant, uplifting affirmations,

praised and honored you for being you,

shown my love with more than words,

said I’m sorry less often,

been more patient, gentle, and kind,

bought you gifts just because…,

remembered your birthday and other special days,

sat down and had more heart to heart talks,

stayed around more often without leaving to do something else,

told the truth and not lied about it,

said more than just hello and see ya later,

cooked dinner for all and not just for one,

invited you into my heart instead of closing the door behind me,

done more to help you out around the house,

done the dishes, the floors, and other daily chores,

smiled more and frowned less,

listened more and spoken less,

appreciated more and grumbled less,

set a better example as a Christian instead of acting like a hypocrite,

taken you out for breakfast and not just dinner,

invited you to church in a nonjudgemental way,

sat down with just my cup of coffee and tossed the paper away,

turned off the tv and payed attention to you,

taken less overtime just to be with you,

complimented you on what you had to wear

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