Angel in White takes flight


Scene 2-

To Ai the rainbow was a symbol of love and joy; a new chapter to be written in Ai’s book of life.  The flash of light would provide warmth and comfort in the still of the night.  The ‘tsunami from the West’ was pressing against her exposed body.  The full moon danced about her bare coffee skin; its smoothness sensitive to the touch, with a robust and musky scent.  The taste of exotic spices found exclusively in the tropics.  She was the envy of every American guy that even the moon would get jealous of their stares.  She would tease the night, as a solo actress on the stage of a one woman show, the moon and stars would be her approving audience.  She loved the way the silk sheets glided across her glistening skin as she moved her solitary body to the rhythm of the night and the sick beat of her own heart.  Her lonely heart was taken of course; under lock and key by an American she fancied after just one long chat in a cyber cafe on Mango Street close to her local province.  The American professor had a virile physique about him and stood like a young, yet mature stallion.  He had the wit of Jim Carrey, the intellect of Ben Stein, and the masculinity of George Clooney; everything she was looking for in a friend, lover, husband.  She would imagine his rough yet gentle hands caressing the outer curves of her figure; much like a sculptor shaping clay into his latest masterpiece.  In her case she hopes to be his last sculpture as she anticipates his final homecoming glaze.  The gilding she awaits from her long distance lover to accentuate her ‘heart-shaped box;’ that rare jewel she kept hidden away since her days of innocence on the Mango plantation of her parents.










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