Life can be a spectacular adventure where we scale mountains, bungee off high bridges, dive off the deep end into a crystal clear pool, and dance naked in the pouring rain.  The still images of this life can be all just a blur until we reach a point of enlightenment.  In the darkness of the night, a lone candlelight illuminated her face, her eyes shown like two glistening gems, reflecting the light.  Greeted by a simple Hello, I fall in love with her shy countenance and her angel-like grace.  Her silky lips, smooth, coffee complexion, and sweet aroma of her breath; intoxicate me so, drunk in your love, quench me in your spring, I need to get my contact lover’s high to the rhythm of your heart’s delight.

Life cannot be lived without love; the fifty shades of ecstasy in your embrace tonight.  Even with love at first touch, I feel so insecure.  I see you within my grasp yet you are so far away.  Are we on distant planes within the boundaries of our own minds?  For an instant our eyes met, our lips pressed, our bodies moved to the sick beat of the night, two traveling souls converging as one in this lucid dream affair.

Two became one in this pre-arranged act of love by the Universe.  Serendipity, destiny, or fate; our love just cannot wait, release yourself, be my shooting star tonight as we light up the night.

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