Angel in White Lace and Topless

In a small province of Cebu, a mere forty kilometers outside the City of Carcar, a simple dream was inspired unto one little girl from the heavens above.  That day it was as though the clouds parted to let the rays of hope from a choir of angels fill this young girl’s mind, heart, and soul.  From that moment on she had just one goal on her mind, that ‘one thing’ to fulfill beyond all imagination.  That ‘one thing’ which makes little girls giggle for no apparent reason and little boys to stare at them with fuddled curiosity as though they were aliens from a far off galaxy light years away.

That dream of becoming a Nurse someday.  That ‘one thing’ was her recurring dream.  Day in, Night Out, she would visualize herself skipping to the beat of a patient’s heart.  She would dance to the beat of a hope filled heart, in tune with the universal equation of love and divine providence.  Some might call it fate or destiny along the path to enlightenment of being.  Ai would take on the role all to herself.  She would see herself in a pure, whiter as snow uniform with majestic silver and gold laden wings.  She would take flight in her dreams, soaring over the dark clouds of her present home life towards the rainbow in the horizon where the sun would rise just before dawn.  She would awake with a vigor and energy, singing out loud, “I’m an angel in white, about to take flight, into His welcoming arms of love.”  As she neared the rainbow a sudden flash of light would appear to her, as if to envelope her whole body.  She felt a gush of wind press against her as a tsunami from the West…




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