A new hope on the horizon? A vaccine to save us all from COVID hell.

The gods have spoken. Well the people wearing those white lab coats and suits made of gold without masks. Wait that’s Dr. Fraud.

So the vaccine has proven successful in saving monkeys from catching our disease or f*cking themselves to an early viral death. After all we all evolved from these silly creatures and we may be related to them in a past life. Or by the looks of some of you; this life.

The Gods of Profit have Spoken. So Says the King of the Fear Prophets not wearing those facial coverings or last night panties as a substitute so they can get into the local Walmart.

Wow. Just imagine the day traders now. Getting off on their shares hitting its peak and exploding all over the exchange floor. I can hear the masquerade ball now as the populace bangs their head in the ICU of Broken Dreams.

But thank Gd we are all free from sin because our hands and face are sanitized with 70% alcohol proof (the drink comes next) and singing the We Are The Fucking World song as we feel good about giving back to our communities. Ellen’s Be Kind eat your heart out. Just wear the damn mask and suffocate your ass and save yourselves. We are #COVID free once again because Love Sets Us All Free and so does that poison the nice people in the white lab coats shoots up your vein. Now get undressed and ready for your forced vaccination.

Again it’s only a vaccine and then after you can get shit faced again without your mask and everything else on in the club again. So just worship the needle and praise the good Dr. Fauci for saving lives and throwing a damn fine first pitch.

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