Embrace your Wild and Weird

Own your Wild Wild Weird

You’re not from around here are ya? I used to hear that expression just about every day when I lived out in North Carolina. I’d venture out from Raleigh and head out to Garner; most famous for Scotty McCreery. At least that’s what their welcome to our country sign said.

Ok maybe he wasn’t weird in the truest definition of that word but he did do what others dared not to do. That was to dream big and not relegate your best days at the local Target while high on Starbucks and flirting with the merry merry barista elves.

I’m out in Santa Clarita now and maybe you are also considering a move to Southern California or just someplace other than where you are at in the moment. Maybe you need to change your ‘diet’ and stop binging on old episodes from your past. Like Drew Barrymore…OMG!!!

Change will happen, but so does shit. Especially if you keep doing it the same way you are doing it right now.

So stop reading this, throw yourself (I mean your iPhone) off that 10 story building, and smash your past decisions to a pulverized scattered to oblivion mess.

Now I meant metaphorically (just because some jackass might have an IQ less their shoe size and may land on top my Uber). Seriously I love all of you who read and subscribe to my site. Especially you crazy-ass AOC types. Any lookalikes post your pic and comments in the section below.

Nuff said. I’ll finish this story later, however there was a point I was attempting to make but fuck it. Maybe that was it after all. Fuck it…when in doubt, throw all your shit out (that’s holding you back from embracing your bad-ass weirdness).

A bit fucking wordy but I’m a nerdy moody bitch anyways most the time. Just ask anyone I ever worked with.

Now get off your ass, go over to that door, and just do something different today. But for Christ sake…put some damn clothes on first. You’re not in the middle of #fuckinmyself now are you!

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