Love speaks Louder than Hate – Action speaks Louder than Words

7:38 AM Pacific Time

To most it’s just another minute rounding to the next second of our daily hustle. Students gathering together, talking amongst themselves about what they did the day before and what they plan to do now.

One random act of violence. One decision conjured up in the mind of a very disturbed and distraught young man. He, like the rest of us, had been given a choice among many other opportunities to act upon. He chose to use a gun to destroy the lives of his peers. To inflict pain, perhaps the anger and rage he felt so prevalent within his very soul.

Violence of any type is a hard pill to swallow. Especially when it hits us so close to home; in our own backyards and our own schools. Our sanctified living space, that safe secured place we call home, desecrated as the clock struck 7:38.

You may be screaming at God, yelling Why? What the…?

That’s ok. I’ve been shouting inside my own head all day wondering What is going on in this world? Why our community? Why did innocent children have to die at the hands of a very disturbed young man who chose to throw his own life away (if he even survives himself from the self-inflicted gun shot wound to his head.)

Where is God in all this unnecessary and unexplainable trauma?

Politics aside, because in the coming days we will surely hear from many talking heads and self-proclaimed media prophets about the coming surge of mass shootings to come if we don’t pass strict gun control measures in all 50 states.

Our community is experiencing untold grief and misery, however we will all come together to embrace one another through love and mutual respect for our shared confusion and questions regarding the Whys and What to do now.

We must seek to understand each other and listen with our hearts in faith to those around us who are hurting. Maybe it’s a silent turmoil or it may be a physical or emotional response from a person searching for a better solution and hope for a better day.

So tonight remember we are all in this thing together. We will get through this. But we will only be as strong as we allow ourselves to be. In our shared diversity of ideas, hopes, dreams, and faith in our future destiny as One.

May each of you find comfort and healing through your faith and family. May you forgive yourself so you can bless others with your love.


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