Just like a prayer, you had me on my knees at Amen – Book of Grace Chapter 1

Sanctify yourself. Be a part of me as we set ourselves free in our Coven of Enigmatic Love

Oh My God Crazy Sick-Ass Love

The kind of shit that makes you scream out hymns in an ancient gothic monastery converted into a student-budget friendly hostel named after that Eagles song you first lost your virgin soul to. This secret rendezvous spot in the middle of a vineyard located just north of the Leaning Tower of Piss (Pisa). The Hotel Californication (California). Unless of course you were fucking David Duchovny because God doesn’t hate us all, otherwise you’d be having to work the streets of Palmdale, California for some cash and legalized grass, but sadly your ass would be crucified like a whore on a cross of your own creation.

Choosing to fuck in infamy bless this sweet mango cream pie ass

Maybe that moment when you strip off everything you own and get down on your knees…Is the moment you find yourself, your real bad-ass unrestrained self. No more sneaking into the confessional after dark and getting your blessed freaky Hail Yes on with that passion angel you just met through a mutual friend in Sunday School.

It’s a beautiful fuckin’ life after all because Jesus Saves Us from our sins, even the mortal ones from Leviticus.

Next Chapter and Verse

Saved by Vapin’ Grace

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