You are only one mind fuck away from your deepest desire to be with the One you love

You are super fuckin’ natural and you can give a damn about your destiny. Because let’s face it, no one else cares about yourself more than you.

Could it be that we are stuck in complacency because we fear the supernatural intensity within us.

Pushing ourselves in releasing our true potential is always going to have some level of uncertainty and discomfort. Much like the first time we ever found love and crossing that suspension bridge between two hearts. You get to the point of no return where it is all or nothing. Losing not just your inhibitions, but your habitual control over your own body and sharing in the blood of your own angelic passions.

You must push it into each other with so much intensity that you lose total control. You give into one another and share your vulnerabilities and deepest secrets as you become One with the Universal Force of Nature. That zero gravity bliss where time and space stands still and nothing else matters besides our shared bodies and blood.

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