Inhale your Angelic Desire – praying to your pot god

You’ve got to inhale before you can exhale…

Let me give this disclaimer first off. What you will read in most of my blog postings will contain some degree of explicit content. I do believe in God, however I’m non-denominational and non-judgmental. That being said let’s get it on with the short quickie of a moment we have together right now.

Those who lose their way on the greenway of life will eventually find a new path back, find a detour, call Uber or simply sit back and wait to die.

Give unto me all you who are the ‘decadent dreamers’ your burnt offerings before your Emerald God

There are only two things you can be sure of; taxes and death by overtaxation. So now that we have two choices; life and death to look forward to, why don’t we embrace each new challenge as another opportunity to achieve our dream and every desire.

You may choose to get high on faith, cannabis, exercise, sex, or just the passionate life itself. So isn’t complacency just another word for standing in line at the local DMV or sitting in your car on the 405 in Los Angeles just buying your time so you can get paid another check by next Friday. Your broke ass self will still be begging for more hours or on your knees for some cocaine-laced non-traceable ‘Johnny Cash.’

So the point being you can either sit on it (your ass that is) or your carpool partner or you can wash that thing off and use it to achieve your long-delayed goals in life.

Why settle for some messy seconds or retro-fitted flashback to the 80s past.Your time is now to make your own Emerald Schemes come true even if you have some grandeur illusions of fucking Snow White, Sasha Grey, or that barista you keep ordering your legal fix from at the local Starbucks.

Because life can be one fucking cosmically-orgasmic Mad Hatter it’s a bigger world than your small studio sex pad in SoHo any day.

On the concluding note, if you are about to make a huge change in your life then you must first just shut the fuck up. Not to yourself, but to those around you or close to you unless they are part of your long term strategic plan for the move. Because once they find out some well meaning do fuckin’ gooders for their own personal and financial security will stop you or try some sex play to keep you from doing what the Universe set in your heart and mind to do.

God will set an affirmation for change and growth, but words and knowledge mean crap unless we take the necessary action to make the shit happen for us. Leave the past there, by a new car, change of clothes, girlfriend, boyfriend, love interest, apply for that position you want to do in the location you wish to live.

Fuck your god damn complacency and just make it happen for your own kick-ass self. No one is going to live your life now except yourself. So stop surrendering your passions and relinquishing control to someone else. FUCK THEM!!!

Make the Shit Happen Now! Scream it at the top of your lungs whenever you hear someone else’s voice (in your head or maybe in the present) telling you what it is you need to do.

You can tell them in your video vlog or by posting a social media status after the fact (after your move) from your new location. Or invite them out but don’t buy their broke ass a plane ticket. If they really care for you love will find a way.

Now where were we. Oh yea, I do need to get some sex on or my latte fix so I’ll end with this.

Life is a sum of the choices we make. You may choose from the Secret Menu or kill yourself slowly with your array of bad dietary orders. But ultimately you must be happy with your own sexuality diversity or complacency, your own intellectual curiosity, your gender preferences, your own political or worldview, and your own career decisions.

In the end silence will be your only friend and then you will be left with regret or one last vapin’ fuckin’ orgasm as you fuck the one you love to death or till you part her Red Sea…some shit like that.

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