Shape-shift your own Shit. Make no damn excuses for someone else’s.

Get your ass out of bed and do some shit about the crap you’re in.

If you desire a change. Start first by changing your sheets and then your clothes. You have to kick your own ass out of bed if no one’s there to do it for you. But why should your lover have to bow down and kiss your butt anyways. Unless all your naked glory is hanging from a cross you shouldn’t expect someone else to set you free.

I’m not going to make excuses for myself and my own fucked up choices. I chose the path I’m on, the career I’m in, the stocks I invested in, the partner in my bed, and whether I changed the sheets.

You create your own destiny with the responsible (or irresponsible) choices you decided upon. So don’t blame God, your rosary beads, your bad tarot reading, or your own inner goddess. And god forbid…don’t blame the damn cat. He’s been so kind to you by not scratching your lazy ass up, even when you try to rescue that mouse from his mouth inside your house.

In all things trust in God. If all else fails just scream into your bathroom mirror; Fuck It, I’ll just give it the college all nighter regardless of the shit I find myself in. Because seriously, what the fuck you got to lose except your money or another sleepless night in bed with that stranger you bought some essential oils from. If indiscriminate sex isn’t making your monthly MLM quota then maybe you better put your bigger head to better use.

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