And on the Eighth Day Eve kicked Adam’s Apple – Push your Shit

Push your Shit – Hell be Damned if you’re Just too fuckin’ Blessed to be Stressed

Life should be about doing. Not watching it go by as on a big screen. You are your own hero, blockbuster, bestseller, and personal revival. Stop trying to resurrect your past. They were all nailed to a cross so you could be set free.

If you aren’t growing your list of haters then you’re probably not cultivating your passionate rage right. Because let’s face it. Not everyone will be your friend now or in the end. In fact many will piss on your parade as you showcase your best work yet. But you also got money to earn and not to burn. The hustle gets fucking real when your ass is buried deep in the dark abyss of the struggle.

Misery loves company and that outer chaos…well they may very well look for any opportunity to knock your ass out that inner circle of desire you find yourself thriving in right now.

If you push yourself even harder than ever before then you have to unlock that ferocity inside and damn all hell to fight for your own personal revival. Because God created Eve to kick some ass on the Eighth Day. Cause nothing’s gonna stop her from getting her piece of the Edible Dream or that sweet ass peach cobbler like she had in the Garden of Desire.

Because in the Garden of Life you can have everything your heart desires and take a bite out of that edible passion God-given purpose with the one you love.

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