It may take two to fuck up but only one to go down on the highway to heavenly hell – #sickasswisdom

God save us from our sins and another bad trip sleeping with that ‘stranger things’ angel screaming in our head.

In the search for yourself and the meaning for your life…

You may find that more times than not, life as in love is messy as a cream pie and divinely sacred as a space cake.

The offering of each other in holy matrimony or just in a ‘breaking bad’ sort of way over blood wine and our shared bodies in a loft overlooking the Strip.

No matter who you are with; forever or just in momentary pleasure, you will find both fault and forgiveness in each other.

You will fuck up many more times than you will have perfect sex. I guarantee it. Learning to embrace the good with the bad makes all those ‘twosie’ photos in our collection that much more special and engaging.

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