On the road to kick-ass faith … being bad never felt so damn good

Sometimes you just gotta have faith. Even if you must strip off everything in your past so you can receive what the Universe has for you in the present.

Pray for the best yet to come. But do what is within your control to deal with who and what really matters.

Because in this life you may be on your own for a season or two, but you are never ever alone.

If you are then there is definitely something wrong with you or you’re a broke ass bitch living out of a van by the dry lake bed.

Seriously get your butt out of bed…if you don’t know who that is snoring next to you then you best lay off that pot or nightcap.

Life waits for nobody and money can’t buy you time, only a faster thing to drive. If you ain’t got a ring on your middle finger or just came back from Vegas with an off the rack soiled wedding dress and something baking second-hand hash in the oven…

You can still choose the person you want to be or the one you desire to love or just fuck…

You decide though and don’t lose all your cash or clothes unless you are sober enough to negotiate the most favorable terms on that new or revised agreement in between your sheets.

The whores will inherit the earth because let’s face it, heaven will be so damn boring if you can’t spice it up and keep your dance on. Why do you think angels spread their wings in order to fly so high?

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