Love in the Trump Epiphany – Mood Swings into the Hazy Shades of Winter

Apology not accepted at this time. Apply someplace else, except maybe the government.

Speak your god damn mind or else remain silent. You have that right and no one (YES NO ONE) not even your fuck buddy can take that away from you.

But then that means you can speak with impunity about anything and everything; no matter how stupid or out of touch with your reality it may sound to others.

Just don’t bring others down to your level unless they are on their knees worshipping your whore ass.

That being said I will finish this obscene scene for now and thank you all for listening to my rant and rage.

Now where was I…Oh yea, you suck but I love how you do it and how you messed up your mascara and you still look so damn good anyways. Sex just may be the secret to longevity, if you can keep your stamina between the sheets. I’m always one to reciprocate in this season of giving and receiving. No returns accepted or warranted. Only exchanges of saliva and other salty yet sweet bodily fluids. Amazon ain’t got shit on our stock portfolios. Up or down we are all earning our share of the American Dream.

Maybe we need a wall after all to drown out all the noise from our thoughts and fucked up emotional distractions. Ok so you may want to negotiate your own sex trade agreement with one of our finest global citizens money can buy. No need to be able to communicate verbally in their respective languages, because if you have plastic you can buy love in silver, gold, and sparkling prisms of tantalizing light. Just stick it on her middle finger as she strokes your over-inflated ego and you impregnate her like the virgin she told you she were. Or what you thought you heard as the angels on high screamed in ecstasy bliss. Because let’s face it. There will be sex in heaven. You think those god damn perfect size 36Cs and hour glass curves belong in a Convent.

Like do you really need a reaction as much as you desire an algebraic fraction from your spent head.

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