Love should be shared and expressed in more than words – Find your Song with the Soul of an Angel

Finding your own song in the noise of this life…

It’s not easy doing what you feel is right. You may be alone in this journey for one season too many.

My mother has been away for far too long. In fact last time I spoke to her was on the evening of February 06, 1998. She passed to the next life a few hours after that. She spent her last breath calling my name.

Our moments are fleeting and temporary even when we refuse to believe in our own mortality. We just assume God will keep us safe and together if we pray and believe it to be true. We negotiate and even get on our knees asking for one more day, one more week, one more year, and just one more holiday season to get our act together and set the stage for that perfect play. A script we kept on the dresser, but never finished.

When my mother left this world I blamed God, but mostly myself for not being there more with her. I took too many things for granted as though God handpicked some of us as VIPs at his exclusive club on Sunset.

“Don’t lose yourself in the temporary. No one has ever seen. No one has ever heard and no one has ever imagined what God has prepared.” – the Coffee Shop

Love is a verb after all. However it must not only be used in the sentences we speak to each other. Love must also be expressed through our own unique acts of kindness and our own defining heart songs in tune with one another.

Never let one second be wasted without the words I love you.

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