Find Your New Vibe – Maybe you just need to change the sheets (new series: Flip your Mattress)

I should have seen her not coming…

In the rhythm of the night is when we find ourselves in the fight for love.

“Why do I put my trust in the wrong people. Like what the fuck. Good things suppose to happen to us bad-ass angels right?” you say out loud to yourself as you contemplate your relationship of change and search for some cash for a brand new vibe. Because let’s face it, girls just wanna have adult fun and we want it all like now bitch.

Part of the human condition is imperfection and disappointment. It’s just the nature of the beast. We must learn to adapt to our constantly evolving society and environment just to survive this damn hustle. Everyone’s so hung up on their own faithless trip and self-righteousness that it’s a god damn sin and even evil to consider the pleasure of one another; especially of the same gender.

Learning to embrace love in the thick and thin busyness of life and our careers means we must fight to schedule time in our 24/7 marathon to recharge our inner goddess. But we tend to neglect our mental acuity in the heat of desire; especially when our bodies are passionately raging on fire. We can get so lost in ourselves and in perfecting our performance that we forget the real reason for coming in the first place. We want it to be the best fucking rock and roll concert with us as that headlining group in our most orgasmically-photogenic spotlight. Meanwhile we scream and shout over the background moans as if our voice and body is God’s perfect gift. No need for a cancellation or refund tonight. It’s a mutually-shared experience and not merely one-sided nor timed for the sake of brevity.

We all need somebody to fuck. Wait, isn’t that the same as love? Just kill them with sex why don’t ya.

It’s perfectly natural to want somebody to quench our thirst and to appease our appetite for more. But they will let us down many more times than they will lift us up (or hold us down for that matter.) We praise them for their best achievements but crucify their worth when things don’t come to our complete and conditional satisfaction.

It doesn’t mean we should give up on love or in the pleasure of sex with the one we seek to lose all control with. Communication is the key to understanding the differences which make us tick and we shouldn’t be afraid to express ourselves in words when physical action is restrained. Just be patient and intuitive to your partner’s needs before your own. Long-term relationships takes time to mature and flourish, however we tend to chop down this rose bush to make room for a new seedling.

Beauty is imperfect as the world around us, as the sunset is with each passing day, however our hearts will remain with the one whom destiny calls us after. They may not be perfection but every rose will have some thorns along that path to love.

Be mindful who you share your bed with, because they may not only steal your heart but your dreams as well.

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