Red Rage – Fuck like you own it

Rave your Rage

“It’s quite alright to cop an attitude and vent your rage. Just don’t lose yourself in the process or your voice for reason in these times of insanity.”

Scream like you mean it but don’t lose control of yourself over the crap thrown at you in this world. Do what you can to initiate change but be pro-rational about your role to play in the process.

Passionate Intent

Your mind, your body, your voice…the only thing needed to do the right thing is to act with passionate intent and a desire to embrace the diversity within each of us.

So don’t stress yourself over the shit you see or read about on CNN or Fox News. You are too damn blessed for that. After all, you may just be the change this country needs and your voice will then find a platform to stand out from the crowd.

Do what you can with your bad-ass and do it incredibly fucking awesomely.

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