Desert Decadence (One Night In Vegas) – Elevate Yourself Even Higher

Spinning Out of Control…

What’s keeping you from losing control. It’s easy to lose focus in this blur of insanity we call career enhancement. The reason we arm ourselves with weapons of hate instead of killing them softly with bullets of love.

As Aphrodite would say, Fuck thy Enemy with Lustful Rage. Come unto others as they would come unto you.

Why give all your haters the satisfaction of your beautiful body. As they will only use you for their own amusement. Time to treat yourself as the goddess you are and have them worship you.

You can and will have it all; those desires as decadent as they may be are yours for the taking. All you must do is embrace the change within as you visualize the dream you see in your skyline.

So what have you got to lose, except maybe some sleep. Experience ecstasy, elevate your expectations for greater than just a one night stand.

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Ignite Your Passion”

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