Paradise is a State of Mind – excerpt from the Passion Island Cove Series (2018)

Creating your own Escape from Reality…

“Oh my god you’ve got me so wet with decadence, as if heaven came crashing down into my chambers. I’m fucking soaked in it. You see what you do to me when you let go of your past and embrace the present I had for you to behold. But you had to choose your own destiny and not just your temporal desires.” – excerpt from 8 Passions of Clairevoyance

A better life shouldn’t be too far out of reach. You may find yourself answering to the time clock god as you race off to work down the 405.

But your body as it slaves to the grind in the midst of the hustle shouldn’t be such a goddess-damned struggle.

Be sure to take some time out for your own bad-ass self and find your place of solitude in this Trumped up chaos.

Even though you’re still stuck at home you are in California…Where our beaches can take you far away from home.



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