Just Shut the Tweet Up and Kiss Me Down There Already (But Do It With Love)

Tweeting Tariffs – A War of Words

“Idol gossip reveals the fool’s folly. The insecure only talk down to others instead of lifting them up with words of power and meaning. Even the man with all the gold can’t hide his inner ignorance or hide behind his self-serving pulpit.”

Listening first with the knowledge of understanding diverse opinions or differing awareness of our global community is not very complicated at all. You just have to keep your mouth shut or stop posting shit on your Twitter feed. Try asking questions about ‘what can I do for you’, rather than comparing IQ points or 45 degrees of (un)intelligence. You don’t need an Executive Order to orchestrate that nonsense.

Be the best at what you are doing now, even if your future self has other plans; a fast food worker, Target Associate, bus driver, teacher, nurse, You Tube media sensation, entrepreneur, star athlete, or President (of your own company or country).

If you’re the best then don’t act like a pompous arrogant SOB. When you work or communicate in humility and people-centered grace, you and I can truly change not just our own life, but those around us. Actions speak louder than any words or tweet. Hashtag that to my cyber blog ass or yours. Share this to #NotMyPresident #DonaldTrump or just with that pretentious whore you gave all your stash of cash to last night. Action always speaks louder than your overinflated hashtag.

Tweetingfrom your toilet of a throne – Shitting Words of Wisdom

True leaders (which we all can be in the world around us) don’t have to speak to be understood or to be loved. The right person (whether in the boardroom or the bedroom) will come to you, for you, and with you both to manifest destiny or that dream you have tucked away with your vibe and niceties.

My late mother instilled in me the passion and desire to write and finish my education, no matter the time and cost. I’ve also learned to never burn any bridges, bungee jump off the Golden Gate, fuck in the middle of the highway, or forget which alien planet I came from, even if it was Mars. Where’s my fucking Venus Goddess Dr. John Gray?

As we speak through the action of our inner passion we can embrace the power of change through community as we’ve seen Lebron James do with his career.

Compassion for others begins with us realizing that our true God-given potential is not limited by title, position, status, or gender. Therefore no matter your circumstances, faith circle, or if you’re living outside the geometric lines; we can all achieve more by working together…One Dream, One Thought, One Affirmation, and One Act of Grace through the words spoken or unspoken; the truth revealed, faith restored, and love embraced in the insanity of this life until we make it back home.

That one way trip to Mars cannot come fast enough. I just wonder how the sex will be in zero gravity. Borgeous mind-blown I’m sure!

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