Bedside Inspiration – The Wet Sloppy Kiss of Desire

Embrace the Dream sleeping next to you…

Oh my goddess you are so beautifully sweet I can make love to you all day.”

Your bedroom is where dreams are first created in. It’s in this private space where we invite destiny to strip us down to naked surrender in order to set our body free. As we embrace our inner passion with the one we’re with (which may be our untamed wild child in need of a personal revival)…Our lust for more should take us higher than we could ever imagine and take us deeper than we have ever dared to explore. Our greatest undefinable achievements are yet to come. Inside one another we can share not just our most decadent dreams, but our most passionate desires.

Get Wet with Desire…

That desire which drives us to the brink of ‘inspired insanity’ should never be ignored or left to sleep alone. Rather she’s meant to be embraced tightly and kissed sloppily all over until she loses control.

Push her to the edge of that cliff as she tries to catch her breath; but hold onto her with abandon. The climatic change will only happen the moment you allow destiny to come into your life.

You have it all inside of you; your body, mind, and soul. Your naked surrender as you make love to your dream and kiss your Universal desire just waiting to be caressed and carried away across that threshold of heaven…pure angelic bliss.

“Take me all the way and fill me up with passionate rage until I lose all control over my own desires. Overflow in me those blessings so abundant as milk and honey and let it pour all over that one I adore and gave my heart forever more.”

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