Aphrodisiac – 8 Passions of Claire-voyance

Just shut the fuck up and kiss me down there already…

(Claire and Rebekah are both smoking a joint in their room with a view over the Las Vegas Strip. Sirens can be heard on the street along with the screams of party goers and tourists from faraway places. Claire plays ‘The Catalyst’ by Linkin Park on her Bluetooth speaker.)

Have you ever just stared up at the full moon and wondered, Why the fuck am I here and what is my purpose for living. I’ve howled with a thousand symphonies of voices on a summer’s night. The youth of a lost generation trying to find their true gender, faith, social, and cultural identity in the diversity within our collective souls. The groupthink society is such a fucked up place where fiery leaders use We The People as pawns in their Bilderberg game of chess.

Some of us play by the rules only to get fucked in the end. The government don’t owe you shit so why do we look to our elected officials and the Trump House for answers we already know. The shadow ruling class don’t give a damn about us. We are all expendable orphans or immigrant whores to be trafficked for the elitist endgame gamblers.

So I ask you this, my love. Is there really a God? Is there really such a difference between good and evil when the devil wears a three-piece suit and addresses a nation in distress. Fuck that Prada shit, that’s for his mistresses.


“You think there really is only one person for everyone? Like in a soulmate; that once in a lifetime chance to be happy for the rest of eternity.

But I’m bound to fuck this opportunity up, in fact I already have. I’ve screwed it over royally; in bed with another girl once again. It’s like my addiction to Ben and Jerry’s, gotta have a pint of the best shit every fucking day.

What can I say, Girls just wanna have fun. I blame my sexual rage of insatiable desire on Cyndi Lauper. Not saying I haven’t gone downtown on a few wannabe singers like her, even if it was just on karaoke nights along the beach. Then along came Rebekah.”


Damn fucking contact high. And no I’m not talking ’bout the weed we smoked either before we hit the bed. Her scent always gets me in a trance like I’m Alice in fucking DildoLand. It truly is a magical mystical place, however it’s not make believe anymore. She is as real as pure Rocky Mountain snow and I’m skiing right in between her glistening wet canyon…straight into her cavern, parting it like the Pink Sea.

“Oh my fucking…like what the hell you eat bitch? You are sweeter than those mangoes from Cebu we bought at the Pinoy Farmers Market. You know you’re the one I bow down to worship every single day. I pray for a threesome of angels to take my breath away as I asphyxiate on your beautiful passion goddess.”


“You know I gave up the fucking world for you. When I lost my mother tragically to that illness during El Niño…my body was swept away in a torrential current of emotions. My faith (or what little I had left of it) was washed out to sea. Your love was my salvation and your intimacy set me free. You have a pure aura and your touch is magnetic. It’s as if we are Universally and not just sexually attracted towards each other. As if God had a hand in us two breaking the social and cultural walls which seem to be dividing this damn country right now.”

What stays in Vegas…let’s just say kiss me and don’t post my ass all over FB…

Las Vegas is considered Sin City, but to them it’s Sacred; a Sanctuary if you will. Just the two of them. The Venetian was the perfect choice for their midnight rendezvous as the neon lights off the Strip cast a heavenly glow across their bodies through the partly open window from the 32nd floor.

The evening has only begun as the sounds of climax displaced the sounds of silence in between the silky smooth sheets. A trail of clothes strewn across the room out into the hallway as they proceeded to undress in the elevator on the way up. Much to the delight of the distressed gamblers who lost way more than their shirts and dignity in this passionless place where all hope is sacrificed with one roll of the dice.

If you only live once isn’t it way better to fuck the one you’re with, rather than going solo with some toy you bought off eBay. You don’t share intimacy with a stranger unless you don’t give a shit about your long term health.

To be continued…

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Through all things above as in below, you must be willing to get on your knees in order to kiss both heaven and hell in this Garden of Paradise you call Home Sweet Home.”

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