Sizzling Summer Angel Diaries – Just Say Something (Use Words If Necessary)

Clashing Cymbals

You don’t have to sound brilliant or speak to impress. Majority of times people tend to talk about things which have very little relevance to their own lives; let alone others. If we spent half that energy only saying uplifting positive words to each other and ourselves then we could perhaps change the world around us for the better.

We talk amongst our clique circle of co-workers, friends, or acquaintances as if we are paid guests on the View. Action speaks louder than words; therefore take love to the next level and embrace your own Sounds of Passion with the one you share your heart, mind, and body with.

Again in the prophetic words of Justin Timberlake, Say Something. It don’t have to be an iconic moment, you just have to mean what you say and speak (or sing) with action and affectionate affirmation.

Speak with conviction, if necessary use words…In intimacy act in shared faith upheld by a higher standard of love outside our own desires. Learn to bless others as we would embrace unto our own hopes and dreams.”

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“Just say something…anything will do.”

Video Credit: FCC 2018

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