Sizzling Summer Angel Diaries – Sex on the Beach…More than Just an Enticing Drink in your Hand

Life’s a Beach within your Reach as you Sip that Exotic Drink in your Hand…

Life’s a bitch at times. But it’s up to you to make it a beach of a day as you feel the warm wet sand against your body. So dig in your feet and watch the sunset on your horizon.

Embrace the good with the bad, the pleasure with the pain, and just let go as the tide draws you in.

The ocean is as wide as your passion sets sail. So ride the waves of your current circumstances and navigate the open waters to your new chosen destination.

“Your shoreline is only limited if you stay anchored to the bay. You don’t need to walk on water or perform miracles in the storm to become born again or to transform your life…

All you must do is have faith in the deep unseen within; to believe, receive, and accept the angelic blessing before you. And perhaps jump into a bigger boat than the one you’re lounging on right now.

Your destiny will set sail along the Universal current with or without you.

What’s your port of call?”

© 2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Believe in the What Is Yet To Come before You have the Eyes to See It.”

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