Dance with Destiny – Intimate Intentions

I’ve waited here for you…Breathe out so I can breathe you in…If everything could ever feel this real forever. – Foo Fighters (Everlong)

Forever I wait for you to text me/live chat me on the phone…

As you kick those high heels off and serenade me on the floor. If everyday could last forever like your warm wet kiss. As we embrace the night away…our souls converge together as one.

Maybe love doesn’t have to be so freakin complicated or self-deluded. We choose to either masquerade our innermost feelings or hide ourselves behind a Veil of Deception. We can continue playing this shell game of illusion as if we are mesmerizing a captivated audience.

However in the end we only fool ourselves and upstage those closest to our hearts for our own perverse amusement.

If only we can trust ourselves enough to be vulnerable and insecure embracing our passions ever so long and forever even more. Stripping our fictional facade to reveal our intimate imperfections. This moment can outlast a lifetime, if only you say I do.

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Just say Yes to being Blessed.”

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