Embracing your Inner Dragon – Skyline Flight

Spewing forth flames of desire

“It’s quite natural to breathe fire. Change may only happen if you get pissed off enough at yourself to allow it to consume your entirety of being. Just don’t murder others in the process.”

So you fucked up. We all do, but you can recover from anything which doesn’t kill you. You blame others for your own lack of direction, motivation, and mediocre half-ass intentions. How do you expect to be blessed when you hoard onto your dreams and don’t share your desires with the world. You must burn all bridges you cross, and become one with the road in front of you until your chosen destination is reached.

Don’t be a whore to the machine, lest it strips you of all dignity and of all your desire…

You are the sum of all your choices; inactions and actions, as well as your life-lesson experiences. But you expect the unexpected without all the calories and the hard work. Sounds a bit too much like the Santa Clarita Diet. Unless you’re Drew Barrymore then you’ve found the secret to a most glamorous life.

I’ve got news for you, hit that damn treadmill you hang your bra and panties on in between your Starbucks fix.

Consider the world as your classroom for extracurricular activities. It’s been said “the worlds your oyster.” Well I heard that from a Frankie Goes To Hollywood song before. I don’t even know what the fuck that has to do with life (or this blog for instance) unless you love to shuck or just love shucking with the one you ate with downtown or uptown girlfriend!

By the way The Boiling Crab comes to mind near UCLA. So if you must get your comfort munchies on then this is the place to get it on in. You can view their menu here:


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Time to shuck or get the *uck out!

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